Not only do 82 percent of all Germans believe that their politicians aren’t concerned about the interests of the general population, 40 percent of all Germans believe in the existence of aliens (I know, sorry, numbers everywhere you look these days). No, not the ones that sneak across the border at night (they’re not that naïve), aliens from outer space. And half of those surveyed believe that these intelligent outer space alien types have already been (or are) here already. And two thirds of those polled believe that they are the “friendly” type. Right. Now that is naïve.

You can call me old-fashioned if you want to, but I wouldn’t trust any outer space alien claiming to be intelligent as far as I could throw him. And from the looks of those two up there, I bet you that could be pretty far, too. But no, the Germans are convinced as usual that hairless insurgent scum types like these have come in peace, that they are on some friggin’ peacekeeping mission or something. Like give me a bah-reak!

Ohne mich (not with me, buddy). I’m grabbing my gun – oops, I live in Germany. Alright then, I’ll go out and gather some big rocks. Then I’m going to run downstairs and hide in the friggin’ Keller with some dry goods and some less than dry goods (that’s where they like to store their beer here, you see) and sit out New Year’s Eve from down there.

That’s when they’re going to attack, you know. I can feel it.

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