By Honey Gillard

The soulful and highly acclaimed R&B singer/pianist Alicia Keys has become a lesbian hitman – for her movie cameo in ‘Smoking aces’.

We’re all so used to seeing her looking calm, collected and beautiful behind her piano, but now she’s set to show a new side of Alicia – Alicia the Actress. Alicia claims that she chose the kick-ass role of assassin Georgia Sykes to surprise the world, as this is definately not the image that the world sees of Alicia.

Now 26, Alicia is causing a stir in her very first film role, in the cultish, dark comedy Smokin’ Aces, opposite Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck and Andy Garcia. Alicia plays the role of an elegant, lesbian hitwoman who pretends to be a hooker, wearing the teeniest of shorts, a holster beneath a skimpy vest and ammunition in her thigh-highs. What ever happened to the elegant dresses and piano Alicia?

Alicia has been pursued by Hollywood directors since her 2001 album, Songs in A Minor, sold six million copies, won five Grammys and made her a household name all around the world. However those Hollywood suitors approached her with the wrong projects. Keys says that she was not interesting in Whitney Houston, ‘The Bodyguard’ type films.

“The scripts I have been offered ranged from everything from the most average, obvious singer roles to incredible ones with really well-known directors, but it just wasn’t the right time,” Keys said in an LA interview.

“I was probably in the middle of making an album and when I’m at that stage I needed to concentrate 100 per cent on the album.”

“When I did Smokin’ Aces, I concentrated 100 per cent on Smokin’ Aces.”

Keys names Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra as inspirations to her, as they succeeded both in the recording studio, as well as on the sound stage.

Alicia is stepping up to an even bigger role next, appearing alongside Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming comedy “The Nanny Diaries.”

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