Negotiations are taking place between the Alice Springs Town Council and the construction company Sitzler Brothers with regards to the cost of removal of asbestos from the Civic Center lawns, which have been fenced off for some time in order to get the asbestos clearance work carried out over recent months.

According to reports the town has spent around eight thousand dollars to cover the cost of test carried out in the area and on fencing to secured any contaminated parts and ensure that they were not accessed by people who may then be exposed to the carcinogenic substance. Asbestos has now been removed, and officials have told residents that the area is safe.

There is still fencing in some parts, but officials state that this is nothing to do with asbestos, and is simply to fence off areas that need to have maintenance work carried out. One official stated: “It is totally unrelated to the asbestos issue. This is just re-laying some fresh topsoil and some irrigation works that were required to be undertaken. It was always scheduled to be carried out during the first week of October and that is now the case. The lawns will be like this now for a few weeks.”

The cost of remedial works at the site has come to eleven thousand dollars, and the cost is now being negotiated with the contracting company.

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