At last, Honest Al meets a worthy opponent, one who adds facts and half-rational if deceptive argument to her ad hominem and invective. Well played Dr Reyes, this is by far the most challenging response I’ve had for many years.

Now for a refutation and clarification or two.

I have never claimed to be an expert in the accredited sense of the word; if you read my paper – the full version of which is now available on the Adelaide Institute website, you will see that I state I have been reading Revisionist literature for a quarter of a century and researching the Holocaust (and other subjects) in the British Library for eighteen years and other archives for nearly as long.

Eighteen years research in the world’s most prestigious archive is not a bad substitute for a university education, indeed it may well be superior in many respects; at times I feel like the young boy who say through the Emperor’s new clothes, and I would refer you in particular to my Satpal Ram website.

I have never blasphemed Islam unless you consider my lifelong professed atheism to be a blasphemy per se. Moslems are entitled to believe anything they want, and I am entitled not to acknowledge their belief in Jesus.

You ask a lot of technical questions about Zyklon B gas, like how much was actually shipped to the camps. Answering the question will get us nowhere because according to Pressac (page 188 of his er, refutation of Revisionism), 97=8% of the Zyklon shipped to the camps was used for disinfection purposes. Zyklon B had a shelflife of three months.

Do I speak German? Nein. Well, not well enough to research in German archives, but in case you didn’t realise, all the important documents of the Holocaust have long been translated into English, including the “confessions” of the perpetrators, many of which were actually written in English.

Your analogy with open heart surgery is invalid. I would need a surgeon’s qualification to practise surgery, but I don’t need a degree in higher mathematics to extract a square root using the general method, which I can just about remember from my schooldays. The point I have long made about researching the Holocaust is that, to quote the anti-Zionist Jew Ron David: “Research is pretty basic stuff…The one thing you ‘cannot’ have is a closed mind”. A researcher who has made up his mind in advance is ‘not’ a researcher, he’s an ideologue and a justifier”.

If you read my paper you will see that I grew up believing in the homicidal gas chambers, rejected them in 1980, and have since concluded that there were in fact some homicidal gassings. Closed mind? I think not.

Oh yes, Baron used to be a member of the British Movement, which I am informed is not quite defunct although today it keeps a low profile. Well, I grew up supporting Labour and in fact voted Labour in at least two elections; I also voted Conservative in one, for Margaret Thatcher, and since hanging up my swastika in 1982 I joined the Libertarian Alliance and the Islamic Party of Britain as an associate member.

The last time I bothered to grace a local election I voted for Ken Livingstone, but all you can parrot is that Baron was once a member of the British Movement. By the same logic Oswald Mosley was a closet Labour supporter, and Adolf Hitler was never an anti-Semite.

I am neither a Holocaust Denier or an anti-Semite; the former is an epithet, and the latter is largely the same as according to the ADL one fifth or more of the American population exhibits some form of anti-Semitism. One might argue that the term is not just an epithet but more often a slander. I would refer you to my publications in defence of Judaism which are freely available on my main website, or didn’t you notice those?

I have said all I intend to say about David Irving although I will add that in his field he is a very fine historian WHEN HE STICKS TO FACTS. As far I as I know that field does not include the Holocaust as he has never done any original research on the subject.

Please continue to belabour my lack of formal education, I always find such snobbery amusing coming from the “intellectuals” of a movement which professes first and foremost to be on the side of the workers.

I see you are physician Dr Reynes, you are in good company, several ludicrous books on the Holocaust have been written by doctors, including those by Ella Lingens-Reiner and Gisella Perl. The testimony of Dr Ada Bimko is likewise ludicrous; all I have ever tried to do is establish the facts of the Holocaust.

In Iran I also spoke out against the continuing hate campaign against that country. I presume that as a physician you are opposed to war, especially nuclear war, which is what the lunatics in the Bush Administration appear to be driving us towards.


A Baron

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