This is incredible. Liberal blogger Alex Jones leads his fans in a chant for peace and love then turns around and bullies conservative pundit Michelle Malkin with chants of “Kill Michelle Malkin.” So I guess Jones thinks peace and love involves axes and machine guns.

You know, the irony here is that Michelle Malkin was absolutely wrong in defending internment. But Alex Jones, who is twice her physical size and probably weighs three times as much, adds nothing to the debate over citizen rights with these actions. In all of his correct assessment about her political philosophy, he does his own cause harm with these equally wrong actions that give more credence to Malkin’s worldview of solving violence with more violence.

Jones and his crew are verbally assaulting Malkin, which makes them criminals and thugs, and as the commentator at the end says, no police action. Incredible. It’s just absolutely incredible.

It’s difficult to say whether this kind of “in your face” political confrontation was pioneered by liberals or conservatives. Malkin blames the liberals. But the truth is, many conservatives are just as guilty. Ann Coulter, despite her veneer, is no saint. The Weekly Standard thugs are responsible for the violence in Iraq. And abortion clinic bombers are the worst kind of hypocrites in the world.

When it comes to politics-thru-violence, any extreme should be condemned.

Allen Taylor writes the popular daily News and Media Blog.

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