Sunday morning I wrote an article about a 4 year old boy missing that was later found in a next door neighbor’s clothes dryer. A 14 year old that lives in the home where he was found was arrested for the killing of little Alex Christopher Mercado.

There weren’t many details on this case other than the 14 year old’s mother has been said to have babysat Alex and his siblings before and that they believed the child had been killed before being placed inside the dryer.

Alex was reported missing late Friday afternoon and after searching fields and waterways in the area about 6 hours, the search went back into the neighborhood where the child lived. That is when they found his body.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office says now that little Alex was drowned and placed inside the dryer before they even started the search for him. Sheriff Margaret Mims said he had been playing outside when the 14 year old neighbor took him inside his home and killed him. She says the teenager then placed his body inside the dryer.

Mims reported at a new conference yesterday that the investigators have their suspicions about what the teen’s motive was and when the official charges are filed those suspicions will be spelled out. She says the investigators will present their case to the Fresno County DA’s Office today. She also declined to discuss the results of the autopsy at the press conference.

My prayers are with little Alex’s family. This has to be hard on them. I pray Alex will get the justice he deserves. He sure didn’t ask for this.

We can’t forget these children which is why I continue mentioning them in my articles. I can’t seem to rest until the missing ones are found and the ones who were taken from us receive their justice. So please remember Adji Desir, Somer Thompson, Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross and Shannon Dedrick all in your prayers. It breaks my heart that this list keeps growing and that I can’t sit here and name them all but I pray that God protects all the children.

Jan Barrett

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