Alcoholism is a condition, which occurs when the consumption of alcohol by a person interferes with his normal social and personal life.  An accidental discovery of a gene’s ‘anti-alcoholic’ properties, by Italian Scientists at the Milan’s Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM), could help scientists in developing therapies for people with drinking problems. Scientists discovered the Eps8 gene’s anti-alcoholic properties, when they were actually studying the gene for cancer development.


Nina Offenhauser of Milan’s Institute of Molecular Oncology said that when scientists tested the anti-alcoholic properties of the Eps8 gene on mice, they that those mice, which were lacking the Eps8 gene were resistant to acute intoxicating effects of alcohol. Mice lacking the Eps8 gene consumed more alcohol than those that had the gene in them. Eps8 gene is also present in human brain and its effects are identical as in mice.

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