As I am listening to this very fine solo piano work I am asking myself the question ‘can the title of a piece of music, influence how it moves you’? Odd though it sounds, I must conclude that the statement is true. All of the tracks on Little Red Boat have some connection to the sea. I was transported back in time,

I used to spend a good deal of time bobbing around on the Pacific Ocean, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. Little Red Boat certainly worked its magic on me. Before I knew it the album was over, but I still had a wonderful collage of memories swirling around in my head.

If that is the purpose of New Age music then I declare Little Red Boat a resounding success.

I know very little about Mary Lydia Ryan other than the fact she is hugely talented. Her web site has this interesting observation:

Having resurfaced musically in 2010 following a decade – plus hiatus, Ryan has been active composing, recording, and performing with a different focus than in her previous musical incarnation: to simply enjoy creating and sharing what’s in her heart.

Also on the web site you can find samples from Little Red Boat.

On YouTube I found this gem, not only is she a gifted composer and pianist, she also has a marvelous voice.

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