For 30 years the place to look for exciting music music was been Europe. Prog and all things Metal seem to have set up camp in Katowitz, Poland. Now it would seem that Germany, not wanting to be outdone are taking over the Blues Rock scene.

Sure, the US was never a big player in the world of Prog, and they were late to the party with Metal, but when it came to fusing Blues and Rock they owned the landscape.

Well ‘Move Over’ German Rockers ‘The Picturebooks’ want a seat at the table, and they deserve it. Hands Of Time is a wonderful adventure.

The great thing is that they don’t sit in a musical corner churning out tracks of sameness, every track is new and different. Although they are most certainly in the Blues Rock category they don’t seem to mind inserting little snippets, vignettes from other styles. A fine example is The Day The Thunder Arrived, I love the track, it is Jim Morison interprets Seal’s Song For A Rose.

Electric Nights is another song that I can’t stop listening to, I know the opening, but I just can’t quite place it. There is an urgency about this track that pulls the listener in.

Rain is a track cut from a different cloth, but compelling.

The video for The Hands Of Time, just cannot be ignored

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