It is great to see that this venerable Reggae Band is still going strong, 40 years is an achievement. The Wiki entry for the band begins:

UB40 are an English reggae and pop band, formed in December 1978 in Birmingham, England. The band has had more than 50 singles in the UK Singles Chart, and has also achieved considerable international success. They have been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album four times, and in 1984 were nominated for the Brit Award for Best British Group.[1] UB40 have sold over 70 million records worldwide.[2] The ethnic make-up of the band’s original line-up was diverse, with musicians of English, Welsh, Irish, Jamaican, Scottish and Yemeni parentage.[3]

The band were not constrained to the UK, they had two Billboard #1 hits

Red Red Wine is still a fabulous song all of these years later

For The Many marks the 19th album and I am sure fans will be happy to know that they are releasing a Vinyl version as well. I admit that today I opt for digital versions of almost everything, I do miss 33RPM LP’s, oh not for the sound quality, my gear was always rubbish, what I miss is the cover art and liner notes.

The album streets on Friday, but for those of you that just can’t wait I do have two promo Videos:

Yes UB40 are a little older, but they continue to produce great music. It still boggles my mind that a Reggae band could be from Birmingham and with such a diverse range of members.

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