A strange question for you, what do Prog Rock and Neo Classical (I hate the term New Age) musicians have in common? The answer, is very few are self taught, the vast majority have gone to school to learn the art and science of music. Yes, there is an underlying science to music. Truly gifted musicians like Holland Phillips have mastered both the art and science.

I really enjoyed this album, I mean no disrespect to any Neo Classical solo musician, but there is a tendency for the tracks to have a certain look and feel of sameness about them. You will not find that with Holland Phillips, his web site says:

“Holland Phillips creates beautiful instrumental music that defies categorization.  Some call it New Age, Contemporary Instrumental or Dream Pop, others say it’s Electronic or energetic Ambient music

Each track has some new morsel to enjoy Track 1 From The Depths is synthesizer delight, electronica with a very light touch, so light I had to keep going back for more.

Some of the tracks have an almost orchestral aura around them. Seeking Sanctuary is a perfect example, the listener is taken to the very brink, and then pulled back.

Possibly my favorite track, at least for today is In The Queen’s Court. I sat waiting for Richie Blackmore and Candice Night to join in.

This is a great album, get it and enjoy it. Holland Phillips can be found here

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