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TO be Jessica Alba’s daughter is an ‘Honour’ – in more ways than one apparently. Not only does one to inherit Jess’s highly-praised good-looks (according to Alba’s brother), but one also gets a name that is, according to baby-name experts), “both classic and unusual”.

Earlier this month, Honor Marie Warren was born (June 7); the daughter of proud Hollywood parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Alba’s brother, Josh, spoke about the arrival in a recent interview with E! news, revealing that his new niece is “gorgeous” .

“She is gorgeous,” he said. “She looks just like my sister.”

Josh also went on to reveal that Jess had decided to go ‘all natural’ on the birthing process.

“Jessica did everything natural… ” He continued, “It went really well. We are all just ecstatic. She definitely looks like an Alba to me.”

Honor’s beauty was also the topic caught on Jess’s father, Mark’s, lips.

He gushed: “She’s got Jessica’s complexion, her hair, her eyes. She looks like Jessica when she was a baby. I thought Jessica was the prettiest baby I had ever seen, but I was wrong.”

“The fact that this little girl came out of my daughter’s stomach, it blows my mind.”

In related news, Honor’s name has been praised by baby naming guides co-author, Pamela Redmond Satran [‘Cool Names’ & ‘The Baby Name Bible’].

Satran commented: “Honor is one of the Puritan Virtue names that has been making a comeback along with sisters Hope, Faith and Charity.

“My guess is that Jessica Alba, going through life as one of several trendily-named ‘Jessicas’ in any room, was looking for a name that was both classic and unusual, and she made an excellent choice.”

This Summer (or rather winter for us southern-hemisphere-ers) Alba will be hitting our screens alongside ‘Austin Powers’ mastermind Mike Myers, and ‘Sexy Back’ singer Justin Timberlake in the romantic comedy ‘The Love Guru’.

‘The Love Guru’ is set for American cinemas this weeks [June 20], followed by Australian cinema’s early next month [July 10].

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