By Honey Gillard 

Alba squeezes her eyes wide shut for her new film. 

Actress Jessica Alba is currently in the rehearsing stage of preparing for her role as a blind violinist in her upcoming film ‘The Eye’. 

In the eye, Alba plays a blind young woman, Allison, who recieves an eye transplant that allows her see into the realm of the supernatural. 

For her role she will be earning a whole $4 million dollars – plus she’ll learn what it’s like to be a blind violinist – i guess.. That’s gotta be worth something. 

The horror/sci-fi film is set to be released next year (2008). There is still no word to whether Mr. Cruise will be starring in the edgy film. quoted Alba as saying: ‘I’ve been training. I wear a sleep mask and carry a cane to get around with. I’ve also been practicing the violin – it’s hard! It took me three months to figure it out!’ 

All i can say is good on you Jess, you really do put the effort and time into preparing for your films. You go girlfriend! 

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Souces: Malaysian Sun 

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