Alan Keyes has formally announced his candidacy for president. Recalling that Mr. Keyes also ran in 2000, I took a quiz that ranks the presidential candidates for 2000 against my answers. It turns out I should have voted for Alan Keyes:

Score Candidates
90 Alan Keyes
80 George W. Bush
74 Howard Phillips
72 Harry Browne
65 Patrick J. (Pat) Buchanan
41 John Hagelin
19 Albert Gore Jr.
9 David McReynolds
8 Ralph Nader

The quiz doesn’t weight the scores for chance-to-get-elected, only best-match to your quiz answers. I didn’t vote for Keyes because he had no chance at all. I haven’t changed my mind about his chances, but I’m looking forward to him being added to the quiz for 2008 candidates. Transparency note: the 2008 quiz says that, barring Newt announcing, I should be voting for Mitt Romney. Fred (The Big Dipper) Thompson comes in a distant third, after several other candidates with no chance either.

Count me as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, although I am a registered independent.

People for the American Way has been keeping a watch on Keyes, reporting on the weak performance of a grass-roots petition urging him to run.

Given Mr. Keyes’s position on hot-button issues, it is not surprising that a liberal watchdog like PFAW is keeping tabs on him.

The campaign website is a good place to start if you want to learn more about his positions. Besides the issues page, there is also a news page that links to a 12-part series entitled “The Crisis of the Republic” covering topics from statesmanship to welfare dependency.

As an independent blogger, I am disappointed in the lack of freely available material on which to base articles. While there is quite a bit of printed material (that 12-part series), only a few of the photos, for instance, are free of restrictive copyrights.

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