The respected former federal reserve chairman and Goldwater conservative lambasted both republicans and George W. Bush in his new memoir. The man most credit for helping to maintain the prosperity of the U.S economy through ups and downs by application of responsible fiscal discipline expressed his opinion on the financial stewardship of both the republican congress and the President. 
While the neoconservatives will doubtless pause from swilling the kool aid long enough to denounce Alan as just one more in a long line of apostate traitors. Responsible and rational conservatives will welcome the public repudiation as they begin the long road to reclaiming the G.O.P from the cracker ass trailer trash that currently controls President Lincoln’s political legacy. 
We can at last look forward to the slow rebuilding of our fractured two party political system. The President’s choice of retired federal Judge Michael Mukasey as our next Attorney General signals perhaps the first sense of finality wafting into the bunker mentality of neoconservatism.  The long dead President Hoover must be smiling in heaven, At last a fellow who will be remembered as more incompetent and feckless then he will soon be the focus of presidential and political historians.

To have the economic master of modern Goldwater conservatism denounce the GOP for frittering away the Republics wealth and our children’s future tells us just how devastating a loss awaits who ever wins the republican nomination. 
Traditional and moderate republicans must be mighty thankful to have Nancy Pelosi pretending to be the leader of the congress. Difficult as it must be multitasking the purge of Bushies and attempting to retain as many seats as possible in the upcoming election. A capable democratic speaker would be advantaging and consolidating the parties hold on power. Speaker Pelosi thus far shows all the skill of a second string political player from a third rate team.
Mean while the Vice President’s revenue stream has taken a serious hit with Iraq’s decision to pull the license to kill of black water the private army of mercenaries established when he ran haliburton. The man most considered a menace to constitutional liberty and all around plain ass crazy had to be in a tizzy when he learned the millions he makes off the contracts his boss awards took a serious setback.

Save for losing some profit there is little that can sour the death merchants already nasty perspective on daily life. The Post and Sentinel offer in depth coverage on the topic.
P.S. Burton


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