A woman that was traveling with a man that threatened to commit suicide Saturday is missing.

Saturday afternoon the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a man that was at a gas station in front of the Quick Way store on Louisiana 1077 in the Goodbee, Louisiana area, saying he had a gun. The deputies spent the next two hours in a stand-off with the man who is from Mobile, Alabama, identified as Johnathon Nall.


Although Nall was threatening to kill himself, at no point did he ever threaten the lives of anyone else with the gun. He was taken into custody after the deputies fired a less-than-lethal round (bean bag) at him, striking him in the chest, which caused no significant injuries but he was taken to a local hospital for evaluation where he remains in protective custody.

The Jeep that Nall was driving was located in a subdivision near the gas station. According to the reports, Nall was traveling from Mobile, Alabama with his girlfriend, Melinda Denny who is also from Mobile. They were supposed to be on their way to Texas.

The Sheriff’s office said that earlier Saturday morning they received a phone call from Nall’s mother saying that her son and his girlfriend was in a parking lot on Highway 21 and they needed money for gas. Deputies located the couple and both claimed to be OK. The deputy did find a gun in the car but it wasn’t loaded with ammunition and they did a routine background check which came back clear do the deputy let them leave. No additional contact was made until later that day at the gas station.

Now the Sheriff’s Department is searching the area for Denny. They are asking for the public’s help in locating the 26 year old woman. They ask that anyone who might have seen the vehicle, a 1999 red Jeep Grand Cherokee with a temporary dealer license plate, early Saturday morning along the I-12 area or if they have any information on where Denny might be to please call 911. They have not ruled out foul play in the case.


I do pray she is OK and that she is found. I am sure there is family out there wanting to know where she is.

Jan Barrett

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