Police in Albertville, AL have arrested 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr. of first degree rape of his own mother. The shocking incident happened last weekend after Helms got into an argument with his older brother about a girlfriend. The two fought and later that night Helms found his 45 year old mother passed out drunk on the couch in their home located in Willow Terrace Trailer Park in Albertville. Helms then proceeded to rape his mother while she was unconscious. It is reported that in the middle of the attack, his mother came to and recognized her attacker as her son and tried to get away but he held her down until he was finished. Helms admitted to committing the crime and said that he did it as retaliation towards his brother. He is currently being held on $100,000 bond.

The arresting officer on the case, Sgt. Jamie Smith, said “Shocked, shocked would be more a better way to describe it. That somebody would dip to the lows to do something of this nature. It’s just pretty much a shock to the conscience of the general public.” He added that it was hard to wrap his head around the case. “It’s totally sick is what it is.”

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother (WSFA)

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