The U.S. now says Al-Qaeda has strongholds all over Pakistan as well as in the mountains adjacent to Afghanistan, which means we don’t know where the hell they are.  Pardon me, I’m wrong, we do know that cells of terror are housed in Mosques and Islamic neighborhoods all over the world, we just don’t know whether they’re all Al-Qaeda or who the freak they are.  And excuse me, we do know they whoever they are favor individual martyrdom by suicide for the young and foolish, we just can’t figure out when so it drives us nuts.  And to be sure, we haven’t yet figured out after 2000 years or more why suicide seems the best method to them to prevail to get what they want.  And we don’t know what they want and suspect they don’t either.
We do know that terrorists are funded by Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan among others and provided by petro-dollars to this date.  Now we see that the Saudi’s are picking it up on the free enterprise side too with world wide domination in plastics, for instance.  The heaviest advertising for capitalism in the Muslim world goes to Dubai, where at least one of the major real estate developers is heavily Anti-American even though his firm has a substantial investment in the U.S.  Since the Dubai interests are always majority owned by the government, we can rest assured he speaks for Dubai and, for that matter, the rest of the UAR as well.  Syria and Lebanon and Venezuela and Iran and Cuba and North Korea eat at this table too.  Now Putin is teaching the young in Russia about his deity Stalin style.  Sounds to me like the cold war all over again 21st Century style.
It may be unlikely that all these disparate factions will ever get together in common interest to mass for invasion of our fine U.S. land, so the future of the U.S. is more likely to be political as well as covert and overt in its applications of opposition.  We’re going to be proactively sneaky as we seek to maintain our position against all our enemies.  For sure, we’re not going to roll over and die as these jerks look for openings.  It does appear to me that we do have some friends in the industrialized nations with the common interest of minimizing the effect of the reduction of comparative wealth vis-à-vis the rest of the world.  It may be a stretch to include China and India in this group. However, it’s difficult to sustain a growing economy and a middle class by trading with the hair shirts of the revolutionary/terrorist world.  Try counting your trade imbalance with one of these guys when all you get is oil and bombs and occasional buildings in return for your labor and resources.
So what am I saying here?  It looks like I’m ranting about the need to be vigilant against terror and to work to stay ahead of state of the art terror tactics.  Don’t expect ever to get a handle on a stable tactical situation allowing mass counterattacks, rather expect a daily change environment requiring maneuverability.  We’re going to learn to counter early and strike hard in a humane way.  I’ll bet that world opinion will then turn in our favor as the ambitions of the minority power seekers of the world become clearer and the terrorists grasp for alternatives.     

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