Great, just what we need.  American bashing so we can all understand what they are saying.  Why didn’t North Korea think of this?

So AJ had lots of money…lots of time and now we see the results.  They have some very prominent reporters and anchors from CNN and BBC and others.  They want to give us a “different” take on the news by concentrating on Third World type stories and by saying “Global Media Has Changed Forever.” I see that for what it truly is, it gives them a chance to go American bashing.  They’ve been doing it for years, only now they’ll be doing it in English.  Bah.

The fact that this “channel” has broadcast numerous videos from Osama and other reporting sympathetic to terrorism gives this reporter a huge clue as to what kind of propaganda will be forth coming.  I believe strongly that U.S. networks are right to be wary of Al Jazeera.

What I do not understand is why so many well-known and mostly good journalists basically switched sides.  David Frost, for one.  What was he thinking? 

Since several network news channels caught Al Jazeera in false reports, what would possess any good journalist to switch to a channel that does not have a reputation for truthful reporting or that has a focus on Third World problems?  Oh… yeah… money talks, journalists listen.  Journalism is not well known for handing out great money for good reporting.  Only a select few ever cross the border into the upper five figures, much less six figures.  Sometimes greed wins over truth and its becoming a more prevalent trend.  That makes me shiver.


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