Only in an alternate universe should Al Gore be able to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his relentless ravings about man-made global warming and the potential for planetary doom. And yet . . .

And yet he just did. Well, okay, he won it jointly with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But c’mon, this is all about Al because without his interminable climatic scaremongering, there probably wouldn’t have been a UN panel.

So it goes without saying that the Nobel folks are impressed by ponderous sounding claptrap such as, “We face a true planetary emergency. It is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.”

Whatever. But what does his messianic posturing about global warming have to do with “peace,” anyway? As I said when he was first nominated for the Peace Prize, if he can get some of the world’s most violent people to lay down their arms and live in peace, then I’m all for it. But the last time I checked, Islamic radicals don’t give a damn about global warming or other such infidel nonsense. They’ve got their own apocalyptic scenarios in mind and if they ever get their hands on a nuclear weapon, we’re all going to forget about global warming so fast it’ll make Al Gore’s head spin right off.

If you ever had any doubt that the guys down at Nobel Inc. are dyed-in-the-wool leftists, that doubt should now be utterly dispelled. Of course, it should have been dispelled when Jimmy Carter won his Peace Prize. This is the man who, if he could, would appease the world’s mass-murdering tyrants until there was nobody left on earth but . . . well, mass-murdering tyrants and their oppressed subjects. When has appeasement ever led to “peace?”

Anyway, now, of course, there’s fevered talk of Gore using his Peace Prize as a springboard into the ’08 presidential race. He continues to vehemently deny he has any such plans and I believe him. I think he would prefer that history depict him as the man who saved — or at least tried to save — the planet and civilization rather than as just another bad Democratic president.

Whatever fanciful notion keeps him out of the presidency is fine by me. I only wish I could be around to see what history really has to say about him after the earth has clearly gone back into its next cooling cycle.

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