And “The Inconvenient Truth” I’m talking about here isn’t just his environmentally correct and biodegradable film which goes by that name. It’s the thinly veiled inconvenient truth about him planning to run for president again.

Come on, you know it’s true. He would if he could and will if he can and everything I’ve heard about this film points in that direction. It’s one of those typical feel good kind of we’re-all-going-to-die family home movie clip collections that not only intends to save the world as we know it, it’s also filled with tons of previously unreleased personal Gorey details that you had always wanted to know about the “lost leader” but were afraid to ask. You know, just the kind of stuff that is always useful in upcoming presidential election campaigns.

That’s why this documentary is coming out now (he’s been aware of these environmental problems since the 60’s, he claims). That and the fact that we’ve all managed to pretty much forget all of those other Gorey details from the 2000 presidential campaign. And that wasn’t easy. Well it wasn’t for me.

And that’s why he’s here. He’s on a big promotional tour in Europe right now - and maybe also asking around here and there to see if it’s possible to get Europeans to vote in American elections. Europe’s adoration of the anti-Bush is up and running and he’s doing the same, and he’s being called all kinds of wonderful names wherever he goes and loving every minute of it.

You know, he was the lonely hero who supported the Kyoto protocol and is being compared to Albert Schweitzer and Mother Theresa and talking the talk like “you Europeans are much more open to the dangers of global warming than Americans are” and also reminding folks offstage that he invented the Internet a few years back and was the Ryan O’Neil character in Love Story.

And none of these truths are the slightest bit inconvenient for him, either. So what happens if he wins an Oscar for the best documentary? Do we skip the election altogether?

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