Al Gore may have gotten screwed out of the presidency in 2000, but by God, he’s going to get the recognition of billions of people one way or the other. So his game plan for the last several years has been to preach about the hazards of global warming like there’s no tomorrow, thus setting himself up as the potential savior of Planet Earth and all of mankind.While some folks see him as little more than a pathetic loon, the folks down at Nobel Prizes ‘R’ Us are impressed no end, so much so, in fact, that he may be awarded the prestigious Peace Prize. Actually, he was nominated for the Prize by Boerge Brende, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, but you can bet your sweet peace symbol that the Nobel folks are down with it.

I’m trying as hard as I can to figure out what Gore’s endless bloviating about apocalyptic global warming has to do with peace, but so far I’ve come up with nothing. According to Brende, “A prerequisite for winning the Nobel Peace Prize is making a difference and Al Gore has made a difference.”

Maybe I’m slow, but doesn’t one have to make a difference in regards to somehow bringing about peace in order to get a Peace Prize? How has Gore done that?

Brende went on: “‘Al Gore, like no other, has put climate change on the agenda.”

Again, what does that have to do with peace? If he can get some of the world’s most violent people to lay down their arms and live in peace, then I’m all for it. But the last time I checked, Islamic radicals didn’t give a damn about global warming or other such infidel nonsense. They’ve got their own apocalyptic scenarios in mind and if they get a hold of nuclear weapons, they can be pulled off a lot quicker than global warming.

Brende again: “Gore uses his position to get politicians to understand . . .”

Sure, maybe we can get with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-Il and Hugo Chavez and harmoniously work on a solution to global warming together.

Come off it already. But if that isn’t enough, Gore may get an Academy Award for his crockumentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Wow, a Nobel and an Oscar in the same year for Gore. The possibility has the leftist Daily Kos blog positively ecstatic:

“So, say Gore scores an Oscar and Nobel in the same year, he can announce in November and still become THE story in the primaries. It’s not as if he’ll need the full year to get his name recognition up or make the case for his candidacy . . . His passion is fighting global warming, not Social Security solvency or extracting ourselves from Bush’s myriad messes. But if the stars align properly, you never know.”

If the stars would align properly, the guy would just go away and not bother us any more.

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