Environmental gadfly and presidential loser, Al Gore, is nothing if not persistent. Well, okay, insufferable as well. But he was recently in Australia promoting his celluloid warning to Planet Earth, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and he couldn’t resist jabbing his down under hosts.

He described Australia, along with the United States, as the “Bonnie and Clyde” of global warming because of their failure to ratify the famed — or infamous, if you will — Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol, if you recall, aims to restrict the emission of the greenhouse gases that are blamed for the current climatological emergency in which we allegedly find ourselves.

“I sincerely believe if Australia joined the rest of the world community in the Kyoto process, then the pressure on [U.S. President George W.] Bush would be enormous, just enormous,” Gore told reporters in Sydney.

It gets a bit tiresome to have to repeat this over and over, but here goes. When the Kyoto treaty was voted down by the U.S. Senate it was during the Clinton-Gore administration and the vote wasn’t simply along party lines — it was unanimous. That means that not even the most flamingly liberal and rabidly environmental senator thought it was worth a plugged nickel.

And it’s not, since it lets world-class polluters like China and India completely off the hook, and also since, as most experts agree, it would barely make a dent in this theoretical problem anyway and therefore wouldn’t be worth wrecking the economies of the civilized world.

If the U.S. and Australia are the Bonnie and Clyde of global warming, then Al Gore is the planet’s shrill and overly loquacious back seat driver who just can’t stop himself from doling out all the unsolicited advice.

In the meantime, a gaggle of prominent scientists, including a Nobel laureate, are now saying that a layer of pollution deliberately spewed into the atmosphere could act as a shield from the sun’s rays and help cool the planet. Such a proposal was actually presented at the annual UN conference on climate change in Nairobi, Kenya.

So how come Gore wasn’t in Nairobi hamming it up? For the sake of his psychological well-being (if such a thing can be assumed), it was probably just as well. Fighting global warming by deliberately polluting the atmosphere sounds like Gore’s worst nightmare. Just the thought of such a cockamamie scheme could have been enough to send him over the edge.

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