I’ve blogged before about the use of cyberspace by the jihadists for recruitment, indoctrination, and control and command. This article at First Coast News does a fabulous job showing how well developed this channel of propaganda has developed.

  • JACKSONVILLE, FL– It’s a video showing a room full of children sharing their dreams. They are not excited about being doctors, lawyers or teachers. Instead, the children shout, “We are the nation of Hezbollah. I shall sacrifice my life for Allah.” A group of children in training to be a mujahideen, or holy warrior. Online there are videos of those warriors. One suicide bomber announces he is readying himself to blow up a group of American soldiers. The video goes on for eight minutes and even shows the explosion. In the background are cheers from those taking the pictures. The video is just some of the many the First Coast News I-team found on the internet from sites like Youtube and Myspace.

But it gets worse.

  • “I think right now we are a ticking time bomb,” says Tom Hayden, a retired Lt. Col Marine, who is also a counter terrorism expert. Hayden says some of the videos, while disturbing, are online for a reason. “Something like myspace, probably the most well known, popular website right now, it’s even being used to transmit messages,” says Hayden…..”There is a specific time that a message is coming. Then it’s on there and then it is taken off,” says Hayden. He says hidden messages are also being sent in pictures and videos and the solider is already equipped with the code to unlock the secret. “It’s being used quite frequently.”

This is known as steganography.

  • In fact, some of the videos we found and recorded were gone in a matter of days, removed by the user. There was no trace of what was there or who the page belonged to. The experts will tell you that’s a problem, because there is a new breed of terrorist out there. “You won’t see anymore like we have Mohammad Atta and that group that came,” says Hayden.

So Google? What you gonna do about it? Of has your dhimmitude been complete and you’re now working for the enemy?

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