Most people have probably never heard of Ajit Pai, whereas everyone has heard of Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie is a delightful seasonal dish served at thanksgiving. Ajit Pai is the idiot running the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

There is a subject that many people do not understand nor have ever heard of – Net Neutrality. It is not hard to understand. The internet should neither give preference nor punish one type of traffic over another.

OK, let me explain in simple terms. The best place to start is the good old telephone. Telephone companies are not allowed to give priority to one call over another. The exception being 911 calls. You pick up the receiver and your call is just as important as everyone else’s. Hey that’s fair, isn’t it? My call to Aunt Maud should be just as important as a Crack Head calling their dealer. Well I think so!

Ajit Pai says NO. The new rules mean that your favorite provider, Comcast, Verizon, Charter, etc, can now put traffic on the fast lane or the slow lane. What does this mean? Netflix might work great on one network and suck on another,

Traffic can be throttled or expedited. If you are fine with this, GREAT. If you like the cable company you have, GREAT.

The one thing that you can bet on is that the consumer is going to take it in the ass again.

I will stay with Pumpkin Pie rather than Ajit Pai.

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