aja1.jpgLittle 7 year old Aja Johnson has apparently been kidnapped after the police found her mother, 37 year old Tonya Hobbs dead in her mother’s RV in Geronimo, Oklahoma sometimes before 9 pm Sunday night.

Aja is believed to have been taken by the mother’s estranged husband, 46 yr. old Lester Hobbs. Lester Hobbs is also considered to be a person of interest in the death of Tonya Hobbs.

Authorities are worried about the little girl especially because of the violent history behind Hobbs. He has been in and out of prison for various charges starting from burglary in 1983 to driving under the influence. He recently served time in jail in 2005 for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Tonya Hobbs had filed a request for a protective order against Hobbs in August. In the petition she wrote, “My husband has threatened to hit my daughters in the head with a hammer and kill them. He also threatened to kill me if I left him.” The protective order was dismissed when neither of them showed up for the hearing in August.

According to attorney John Branch, Aja John’s father’s attorney without Aja’s medication her behavior become a bit erratic. She suffers from attention deficit disorder and sleep deprivation so without her medication her behavior is likely to cause her to irritate Hobbs. “If she’s not getting her sleep, then her behavior becomes more and more erratic,” said Branch. “And as her behavior becomes more and more erratic, we’re concerned even more for her safety.”

Aja’s father, J.J. Johnson appeared at a press conference today and was begging for the safe return for his daughter and he reiterated her need for medical treatment.

“I’m here to make a plea to everybody who’s listening. I need my little girl back,” said Johnson. “She’s missing and I love her dearly. She needs her medication.”

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Tonya Hobbs was visiting Lester Hobbs sister with Aja before she was killed according to the authorities. Johnson, had been granted temporary custody of Aja in November 2009, but he said he let her go with her mother to a birthday party but he didn’t know they were going to Geronimo. “Tonya said if the party went too late that they might stay overnight so that’s all she had was a pair of clothing for that evening and that day and her medication for that evening and the next morning,” said Johnson.

lester.jpgHobbs seems to have relatives in Davenport, where he lived with Tonya before they separated and he also has relatives in Texas and Oregon and in Bakersfield California. Aja is described as about 65 lbs, and 4 ft tall. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

Lester Hobbs is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 185 pounds, with hazel eyes and brown hair, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation but it is said that he no longer has the goatee that he has in this photo. .

He was last seen driving a 1992 Toyota Paseo with the Oklahoma license plate number 577-BPW.

If you have seen this little girl please contact: COMANCHE County Sheriffs Office at
580-353-4280 or 877-652-6237 or Geronimo Police Department at this direct line, 580-355-1115.

Lester Hobbs if by some miracle you or anyone you know could be reading this please find it in your heart to return this child to her father. Please don’t make her suffer because she doesn’t have her medication.

My prayers are with Aja Johnson as well as all the other missing children including Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Hassani Campbell, Masaraha Ross (who remains missing with her Mom), Marc Anthony Bookal and Aveion Malik Lewis.

Jan Barrett

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