On January 24, 2010 the Comanche County Sheriff’s Office announced that they discovered the body of 37 year old Tonya Hobbs dead inside a motor home parked at her husband’s sister’s home. She had been badly beaten about the head, neck and abdomen.

aja_johnson.jpgMissing though, was her 8 year old daughter, Aja Johnson and police believed that she had been abducted by Tonya’s estranged husband, Lester Hobbs. An Amber alert was issued for her soon after. Police also said that they did indeed consider Hobbs as a person of interest in connection with the death of Tanya Hobbs. Later they issued an arrest warrant out for not only abducting Aja but for the murder of her mother, Tonya as well.

lester-hobbs.jpgPolice say Hobbs was believed to be driving a 1992 Toyota Paseo with Oklahoma license plate #577BPW on it. They asked that if anyone spotting the car to please notify the sheriff’s office.

It had been reported that Aja’s grandmother said that Hobbs never liked Aja and she was afraid he had something planned (to do to Aja, apparently). She says he hated her and she was afraid he had already killed her.

According to attorney John Branch, Aja John’s father’s attorney without Aja’s medication her behavior become a bit erratic. She suffers from attention deficit disorder and sleep deprivation so without her medication her behavior is likely to cause her to irritate Hobbs. “If she’s not getting her sleep, then her behavior becomes more and more erratic,” said Branch. “And as her behavior becomes more and more erratic, we’re concerned even more for her safety.”

The search for little Aja apparently seems to have come to an end as of yesterday. The Oklahoma police say they have found the Toyotya that Hobbs was using and the two badly decomposed bodies that they have every reason to believe is that of Lester Hobbs and Aja Johnson. An anonymous 911 call was received Monday reporting an abandoned car in the woods about 15 miles outside of Norman Oklahoma.

Although the bodies have not yet been identified Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown said, “We have no reason to believe it’s not those two people.” The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office will have to use fingerprints to help identify Hobbs and dental records for Aja. Brown did indicate that some papers were found inside the car that could possibly be a suicide note. No weapon has been found and it has not been stated as of yet as to the causes of their deaths.

Terri Johnson, father of Aja, J.J. Johnson’s wife said she saw a video of the scene and she spotted a jacket outside the car which she recognized, “We saw the coat Aja took with her on the back rear tire of the car,” she said.

When he was told about the discovery, J.J. Johnson was immediately overwhelmed with grief but at the same time he also expressed  relief and admitted for the first time that he had given up hope of finding his daughter a long time ago. According to newson6.com J.J. said this:

“As a parent, love for your child always burns, but for some odd reason that fire went out. I had a funny feeling something like this would happen. That gutless person he is, he would do something like this. I never wanted to accept it, but in the back of my head I knew he’d do something like this.”

My heart goes out to the family. It has to be rough accepting your child is gone especially like this. I hope Aja didn’t have to suffer to much before she was killed. I pray Hobbs didn’t torture her and make her have to suffer all the time he had her. I pray that at some point he would have been good to her, making sure she was fed and cleaned. Of course more than anything I wish she never had to suffer through this ordeal at all but since she did and her life was in the hands of a crazy man.

Aja Johnson you was a beautiful little girl that didn’t deserve this. May God bless you and may you now rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

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