The last time A.J. Pierzynski was in Boston his team lost a crucial three game series. That wasn’t the only thing A.J. lost though. He lost respect. A pop fly carried A.J into foul territory. He caught the ball to end the inning. Two young boys in the crowd gestured to A.J. in an effort to gain a souvenir. A.J. recognized their attempt, removed the ball from his mitt and motioned a flip to the boys, but he never released the ball. Instead, he put the ball back in his glove and retreated to his dugout. What a guy!

Hey, maybe Michael Barrett (catcher for the Chicago Cubs) was on to something when he cold cocked A.J. Pierzynski. After a collision between the two occurred in a play at the plate, earlier this year, Barrett returned to his feet and knocked Pierzynski out with a right hook. In a press conference after the game Pierzynski offered bumbling comments that were blanketed with confusion.

Speaking of getting knocked out, the White Sox were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs after suffering a loss to the Seattle Mariners this afternoon. Therefore, A.J. and the rest of the boys cloaked in black will sit at home this October, and keep themselves warm with yet another blanket of confusion.

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