The holidays are a hectic time, especially for trying to get through airport security and across the country on time for the holidays. However, this story shines a new light on the phenomenon of the “Christmas Rush”. A grandmother accidentally ran her 30-day-old grandson through an airport X-ray machine at LAX in Los Angeles.

The shape of a baby suddenly appeared on the baggage examining screen connected to the x-ray device and startled a security person out of his wits. Security personnel moved quickly to remove the baby from the conveyor belt through the back of the machine. They then called paramedics and rushed him to local Centinela Hospital against the original wishes of the grandmother. Doctors there said the baby did not receive a dangerous amount of radiation, but only an amount equal to that of al the cosmic radiation a person would receive on a normal day.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the woman was from Mexico; however, authorities stated only that she was 56-year-old and spoke Spanish, but not English. The grandmother and infant were released to board an Alaska Airlines flight to Mexico City.

All this makes us slow down and think about needless rushing and homeland security all at once. In the end, perhaps infants need to wear radiation detection badges as hospital personnel do these days.


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