In a surprise European aerospace industry move, Airbus has announced its plans for the construction of a new 943,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollar aircraft which is said to be based upon Boeing’s existing 777 and future 787 Dreamliner designs.

The plans for the new European passenger jet, codenamed “The Nightmare Liner”, were thrown together over the weekend by the same aircraft engineers responsible for the highly popular A380 mega liner. The magnificent A380 holds the record for being the largest commercial aircraft ever built that has yet to carry a single paying passenger.

The twin-engine Nightmare Liner has been expressly designed to compete with its annoying Boeing competitors, which have proven to be more and more popular with airlines over recent months for some strange reason that nobody at Airbus has been able to figure out yet. That’s why a radical change in strategy was deemed necessary by Airbus management early Friday afternoon after a hearty gourmet lunch and several cases of expensive French wine – flown in from Toulouse (the wine that is, the cases were flown in from Hamburg).

Like the A380, Airbus also announced its plans to have the first Nightmare Liners up in the air and turning a profit by the year 2035. Boeing officials were said to be livid upon hearing the news, not expecting this to be possible before 2050 at the earliest, and are now planning to retaliate with a new nightmarish design of their own.

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