Ahmadinejad is still running his mouth

I really wish someone would shut him up.

IRANIAN President Mamhoud Ahmadinejad said Israel was doomed “to destruction” and would soon disappear, in his latest verbal attack on the Jewish state, local news agencies reported.

“The great powers created the Zionist regime to extend their domination in the region. Every day this regime is massacring Palestinians,” Mr Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying late yesterday in a meeting with ministers.

“As this regime goes against the path of life, we will soon see its disappearance and its destruction.”

His comments coincide with a visit to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who was to hold White House talks with President George W. Bush expected to focus on Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Of course Israel’s not supposed to do anything about it. I really wish I was in charge of things.
Iran warns on Israel destruction | The Courier-Mail | Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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