The American people were able to learn a great deal from the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran today. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told students and faculty at Columbia University that Iran doesn’t like terrorism and wishes to be friends with all nations.

It turns out we were all wrong about Iran! Women have all the rights in the world and are freely able to participate in every level of Government. No really! We were further informed by the President that homosexuals are in fact not executed in Iran, because there are no homosexuals in Iran.

On the subject of terrorism Ahmadinejad explained that Iran doesn’t support terror and the Iranians are in fact the real victims of terror.

He was repeatedly asked whether he wished to see the destruction of Israel and he answered with a question of his own. Of course his question was whether or not the occupation of Palestine was a serious issue. He further asserted that while he doesn’t deny that some type of holocaust happened he maintains that the entire issues does require further investigation.

Columbia President Lee Bollinger delivered an appropriately stinging introduction to the President of Iran, calling him among other things a “petty and cruel dictator.” Bollinger’s remarks received a thunderous applause from the audience as did Ahaminejad’s response.

At the end of the day, I guess everybody got what they wanted out of this circus. Columbia got to host a dictator under the guise of “academic freedom,” and Ahmadinejad got some good propaganda to use at home to show what a powerful world leader he is.

I personally think it was a mistake to have the President of Iran speak at one of our prestigious Universities, but I do appreciate University President Lee Bollinger’s opening remarks. His remarks were somewhat surprising given his dismal record of condemning dictators and supporting the military.

It will be interesting to see what type of ‘fall-out’ will ensue as a result of this controversial visit by the Iranian President. Many alumni have said they will never send another donation to Columbia again. The New York state legislature is debating whether or not to cut off funding for the University.

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints


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