The beauty of cyberspace is that age is typically a non-factor. What’s the matter? Is such an observation troubling? Weina Scott might have people believing otherwise. She’s seventeen years-old, still in high school, and yet she has an annual salary of $40,000. No, she didn’t accrue such a salary working at McDonalds, the local grocery store, or The Gap. Her visions, her creativity, and her passion for the Internet yielded far more rewards than a typical juvenile’s job. She teamed up with her friend, Jake Fischer, another high school student out of Minnesota, to create The website provides users space to upload audio and video programs as podcasts. The website supports 6,000 customers and roughly 800,000 downloads. The success of Switchpod has alerted the million dollar company Wizzard Software. Wizzard realized the potential growth of Switchpod and offered to buy the website from Weina Scott and Jake Fischer. They agreed to sell their ownership rights in return for $200,000 worth of stock, and CEO positions with the firm. Both of them juggle twenty hours per week of business work with their academic work, netting them a $40,000/year salary for each student. Weina’s parents, although happy with their daughter’s achievements, claim they would much rather see Weina maintain her straight A’s than get in too deep trying to run a business.

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