Barely back home on safe German soil again after a dangerous surprise visit to the 3,000 German troops stationed in northern Afghanistan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that she will continue to taunt death by accepting an invitation to stay at the notorious “Prairie Chapel” ranch in a place called Texas next week.

The ranch, owned by United States President George W. Bush, is a 1,600-acre chunk of central Texas land Bush purchased in 1999 which he often uses as a presidential getaway. Officially only reserved for those who Bush believes to be his closest allies, Merkel nevertheless fears, as do so many other Germans like her, that Prairie Chapel is actually a secret US detention camp located in Cuba used to incarcerate and interrogate enemy combatants captured in the international war on terror.

Although Merkel is convinced she can properly explain her visit to Afghanistan, and has in fact done her best to mend ties which had deteriorated between Bush and her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, US diplomats have indicated to German journalists that a visit to the President’s beloved ranch will be necessary nevertheless.

Some insiders are convinced that the American President is actually still quite pissed off at the Germans and that he insists upon putting their leader through this one last horrible ordeal before he has to leave office next year.

And now it’s time for the BBQ, Angie.

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