by Craig Dimitri

After John F. Kerry’s gaffe this week, the rank-and-file Democrat could well be thinking, “You already cost us one election by windsurfing.  Now do you want to cost us the Senate, too?”   But the Democrats’ 2004 nominee has now fled the spotlight, to avoid hurting fellow Democrats…    Kerry has now cancelled public appearances with other Democrats, trying to distance himself – and his party - from what he calls a “botched joke” over the war in Iraq.

Fortunately for Democrats, their national advantages in U.S. House contests are – probably –  already too powerful, for even Kerry’s blunder to save the GOP majority.  The Republican majority and leadership have already made too many blunders, for this single one to offset.   

But control of the upper chamber is still very much in doubt.  Kerry is, of course, still a member of the U.S. Senate.  He’s biding his time, representing Massachusetts, while hoping to run for President in 2008.  But his error may have cost him the opportunity to serve in the majority once more, come January. 

There remain only eight seats in the 33 seats up this cycle, where there is significant chance that partisan control may change.  Six belong to GOP incumbents, one is a GOP open-seat, one is a Democratic incumbent. With the GOP holding a 55-45 edge, Democrats need to go 7-1 in those contests, to take power with a 51-49 majority, or 6-2 to revive power-sharing with a 50-50 tie (although Republicans would still have the edge, by controlling the vice presidency). 

Kerry’s blunder fallout  –

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