The LA Times is reporting that “a Navy corpsman pleaded guilty today to conspiracy and kidnapping in connection with the April death of an Iraqi man in which seven Marines are charged with murder.In a barely audible voice, Petty Officer 3rd Class Melson Bacos admitted he conspired to take 52-year-old Hashim Ibrahim Awad from his home in Hamandiya, west of Baghdad, plant evidence near his body and lie to his superiors about the shooting incident.”

According to a Reuters report, “Petty Officer Melson Bacos, 21, and the seven Marines he accompanied on an April patrol were charged with seizing Hashim Ibrahim Awad, 52, from his home, killing him and placing an AK-47 assault rifle and shovel next to his body to suggest he wanted to plant a roadside bomb.”
The Telegraph, a British newspaper, reports that “in return for that testimony, other counts against Bacos of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy will be dropped, his civilian lawyer said.”

“All eight were charged with crimes including murder and kidnapping and were being held at Camp Pendleton. Bacos was recently transferred to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar for his own safety,” reports Forbes.

Some published news reports indicate that Bacos will receive about one year more in the brig for his testimony.


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