By Eleugwu Joseph

Your article is very touching and educational about the politics in The Gambia. I am from one of the continent in Africa. So much have been said and written about coup detat and killing of innocent Gambians. Fellow brothers and sisters of Africa, innocent people will continue suffer in the hands of the politicians. We cannot continue to blame the presidents and their  followers. We have to come together Africans and find solution to over come all these problems ahead of us.

It is a must to get along so that our children will enjoy peace in their generation. The way to solve our problems by allowing the old wound to be healed. I am a victim of war. Victims of war were used by politicians and military leaders back then. As a survivor of Biafra and Nigeria war, I intend to let the past go because it was my destiny to be used for war. I am grateful to God I am a living witness today. The killing part of the espisode was the same guy that fought Biafra then is the president of Nigeria today. A commander in Nigeria that fought vigorously against Biafra. United Nation and State Department are aware of this guy that he fought Nigeria and Biafra war.

There were atrocities committed that I was aware of. Young boys and girls were killed, raped, and forced into marriage. The same international communities you guys are hoping to be on your side will fail you. What happened in Nigeria today?. The same guy is supported by international communities. Blaming each other cannot solve the problems that is facing us in Africa. I learnt one thing you cannot get away with human blood. My heart goes out to those families that lost their loved ones.

Forgiving someone will set you free from anger. Oh my God, I used to be so angry at the government. Then I asked myself why are we so angry at these folks? These folks are stealing from the government to take care of their families but you are killing yourself with anger. Gambia is a peaceful and stable country compare to other part of Africa. A country with war cannot maintain peace. I know your problems are internal compare to Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, and other parts of Africa that are battling with internal and external crisis. Forgive one another is a process of healing and peace among each other. If you can create a website that will bring Gambians together that will be great.

Posted on Monday, December 25, 2006 (Archive on Sunday, December 31, 2006)
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