Afghans, They Have Suffered Enough

By David Schussler


An article in the Washington Post today reports on a recent battle between Taliban insurgents and NATO forces in Lay Kundi and Mirwisa Mina, Afghanistan.

The article cites that in that battle from 30 to 80 civilians may have been killed. It goes on to state that Maj. Luke Knittig, spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, said that the Taliban forces attacked them inciting return fire. Local provincial council member Bismallah Afghanmal claims that these cowardly Taliban fighters retreated and fled into civilian homes using the local population as human shields with no regard for the lives of these people and making it very difficult for the NATO peacekeepers. These are the same Taliban who are claiming to be the benefactors and protectors of the Afghan people. They are nothing more than selfish greedy trespassers using the innocent Afghan people just as has been attempted many times before.

In 1979 Afghanistan was invaded by the, then, Soviet Union. The Soviets did not declare war on the Afghans; they didn’t even have any disagreements with them. They just wanted to take over the country to establish control over the Straits of Hormus through which oil was shipped from the Middle East to Western Europe and Japan, in particular. By controlling this flow of oil, the Soviets would have been able to blackmail most of the world to obtain industrial and economic dominance. The failure of this effort eventually led to the decline and breakup of the Soviet Union.


During the Soviet military campaign the people of Afghanistan were subjected to some of the worst military atrocities ever committed during any wartime. Most of the nation’s leaders, teachers, doctors, and business people were immediately rounded up in the major cities and murdered en masse. Agricultural fields were burned, homes were destroyed, and flocks and herds of animals were killed. New types of chemical warfare were tested out on innocent, unsuspecting civilians. Women were taken up in helicopters, raped, and dropped out to their death. Worse yet, explosive devices disguised as toys were dropped from aircraft that killed and maimed many children. Other children were rounded up by the hundreds and taken to Russia where they were put into boarding schools and indoctrinated with Soviet philosophy to eventually become the new improved citizens of Soviet Afghanistan. Their fate is still largely unknown. Millions of Afghans fled their country never to be able to return home again. Some of these people still live in refugee camps in neighboring countries after many years.


When the people of the United States became aware enough of the situation, we went to the aid of the Afghan people. After a while even many Soviet soldiers did not want to fight this battle and defected by the hundreds. The Soviet Union gave up this battle but did the Afghan people really win?


Weakened by the war, depopulated of innocent unarmed citizens, industrially and agriculturally decimated, this nation became ripe for wealthy, power hungry terrorist despots looking for a country to take over. Afghanistan became a perfect situation for what is occurring today. It became an ideal opportunity for criminal individuals and terrorist organizations from other countries to establish their bases there while the remains of the population busied themselves with reconstruction and daily survival.


Today the children are still being sent away. Only now it is to schools in Pakistan to learn Taliban philosophy. Women and children are still being murdered and maimed at will, often as shields for military operations. Male citizens are being forcibly conscripted into armies, and all people who do not subscribe to Taliban rules are either killed, or chased from their homes and country.


The Afghan people are inherently a noble people who, for centuries, lived independently and proud. Attacking no one they have contributed many fine people, products, culture, and art to the world. These people deserve to be free again, but it is doubtful that it could be possible without help.


Although fragmented for hundreds of years by a dozen different religious tribes with radical differences, Afghanistan is a country that has never been defeated by any army. These people have always united to battle and defeat a common enemy. Unfortunately today the enemy is within and not easily defined. Today’s enemy rabble must be routed out of the country and an effort of education and communication must take place to prevent it from happening again. Tribal leaders must unite with a common passion for peace and freedom, and the country must be rebuilt. With help from the rest of the world this is possible. Only with compassion for these people who have suffered enough, is this possible.




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