[Sent on by a Canadian friend.  Ed Kent]

Front-page headline in today’s Globe & Mail:
“Afghans block highway shouting ‘Death to Canada'”
“Protest follows killing of two clerics” west of Kandahar City.

“Neither the Canadians nor other NATO soldiers were involved in the raids, a military spokeswoman said; the only other foreign troops operating in the area belong to U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom.”

Haji Sadullah Khan found “the bodies of the religious teachers lying in their blood-spattered bedrooms.  Mullah Janan, about 28 years old, had been shot in the mouth and chest; Mullah Habibullah, a few years younger, had bullet wounds in his torso.  No weapons were visible in their homes. . .  The two mullahs had a reputation as peaceful men.”

“The latest raid started in the middle of the night.  Soldiers broke through the small wooden door of the mullahs’ modest mud-walled house and the neighbors soon heard gunshots and the screams of women and children.”

[per my friend]

Let me translate.  In the middle of the night, US “anti-terrorist” special forces broke into possibly the wrong home in a poverty-stricken village in which Taliban supporters are believed to hide and executed two of the male inhabitants in cold blood.  This is not vigilante justice; this is NKVD or Gestapo terrorism of the local population.

Is Operation Enduring Freedom another lawless US mercenary army?   Blackwater in another disguise?  Is this the way freedom is delivered to dead Afghanis?

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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