Official after official after official warns that the rebuilding of Afghanistan will take a good 20 years. Anyone who’s taken psychology or sociology 101 would have no problem believing or understanding this fact … what with the deep cultural and societal trauma caused by decades of conflict and oppressive religion, one has to essential allow a generation of Afghan children to grow up in relative peace. Yet, Canada’s left wants us out “yesterday”.

Leftists … long on postulating retreat in eloquent terms, yet short on putting into practice that which education would teach … small wonder that the more educated the Canadian, the more likely he or she is to support the Afghan mission.

Gen. Bruno Kasdorf on Afghanistan; an interview:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Many Germans would prefer it if Germany withdrew from the US-led military Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and only participated in the country’s reconstruction. Above all they want to send a signal that they are against the war. What does that mean for the ISAF mission?

Kasdorf: OEF is still an important extension of the ISAF mission, and it would be difficult to separate the two. Were the OEF no longer here, we would lack much needed forces, and not only in the war on terror. American OEF soldiers also train the Afghan army and police. ISAF is far from being in any position to assume all these duties.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: From the outside, it often looks as if the aggressive waging of this war is further enflaming the insurgency.

Kasdorf: I repeat: Pulling out of OEF would not be helpful. It bothers the Americans when Europeans accuse them of waging the war in a brutal fashion. If there were no OEF, the insurgency would gain strength in the country and they would consider themselves unopposed here, which could also threaten ISAF’s success. Here at ISAF we don’t have the forces to go after the extremists alone. At the same time, fighting terror is not our mandate.

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