I always like a good comment on an article. And I do try my best to respond. This delightful comment headed my way.

Briefcase | klp@mensard.com | IP:

The author’s incompetence and lack of credibility was established all throughout the piece, but especially in the first sentence when he wrote “. . . a law suit was filed in the California Supreme Court . . .” The suit was filed in Superior Court. The author does his best to create a commotion and suggest extreme outcomes, none of which will come to pass. For example, the WKP victims (paid off plaintiffs) have gotten their dough and would doubtless still be grateful to WKP rather than antagonistic in the face of these events. In the end, the 3 principles will sit down and resolve the whole matter informally, likely with some funds exchanged. A tempest in a teapot.

Indeed I did make the mistake of using the term Supreme, rather than Superior. Actually it was fixed just a few minutes after the article was published. It is clear that Briefcase AKA klp@mensard.com thinks that I am not being a nice guy. I always am open to the idea that I am wrong. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it.

Our friend Briefcase was clearly upset with this article and this article. The solution seemed simple, I would contact Briefcase in email and our differences could be fixed.

I know that this will come as a huge shock, but there is no  klp@mensard.com  in fact there is not much to even find a web site for mansard.com. The name was registered in 1998, but there has been little movement since that point. Mensard.com is living in the UK. So my next point of interest was the IP address that Briefcase was using, calls either Kansas or Plano Texas home. Of course IP tracing is not an exact science for us mere mortals. We leave that to the folks like the FBI that have the tools.

The bottom line is that I am easy to find. When I write something, I sign it Simon Barrett. One wonders why klp@mensard.com finds the need to hide? If I send an email or post a comment I use my real name. Why not?

Simon Barrett

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