Pretty much when I have had enough of the day, I tell my wife that I am going to go watch bombs! That signals that I can’t stomach another rerun of The Golden Girls, or Married With Children. I will go watch whatever is on the History Channel or Discovery. Unfortunately both channels have run out of good Bomb programs, instead we are invited to watch reruns of Mike Rowe involved in scatological adventures, or people risking life and limb surviving a week in some place that no-one has ever heard of, or some unlikely reality tv series involving auctions of storage lockers!

All of these are fun for the first few times. But they get really old after seeing the same old stuff day after day.

I will be the first to admit that my TV range is a little limited. It starts at channel 202 (CNN) and ends at 286(Military). I know that this may seem odd. There are hundreds of channels available. But who would watch them?

Channels 1-50 seems to be Dr Phill, Ellen, and Jerry Springer. From there it gets worse. There are seemingly hundreds of channels dedicated to Ice Hockey, Football, Baseball and Basketball. I am sure that there are a few channels also dedicated to Lawn Bowls, Mah Jong and Beer Pong.

So I stay within my comfort zone CNN to the Military channel.

The decision to drop Cable and go with DirecTv was purely a monetary one. Of course, after two years of this fun, fees have met and exceeded my expectations. The monthly bill makes me cringe. Each month it gets bigger and bigger.

While it is great to have hundreds and hundreds of channels, (even if most of them are not available), I do have some gripes.

No one at DirecTV pointed out the hidden benefits. I like to sit outside and read or write. The porch has a hefty roof on it, but if the rain starts and the wind blows, well I hightail it inside.

What DirecTV does not explain when you sign up with them is that the system only works with good weather. A bit of rain, well you can bet that you will be staring at a black screen. What I find most frustrating though is that after a couple of minutes of the Black Screen Of Death, the TV then shows a bouncing DirecTV logo that reminds me of the classic video game Pong.

When it rains, we get this enchanting screen.

The TV industry, in fact the whole entertainment world is in a bit of a pickle. How do you supply a product that people want? Oh, and make money at the same time? In the case of DirecTV I have a suggestion. Maybe the addition of a small umbrella duct taped to the dish might help keep the rain off.


Update: please read this, it might surprise you.

Simon Barrett

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