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A stellar cast sells what could’ve been a train wreck of a script.

The Story

In this story, Zach Braff of Scrubs and Garden State fame plays a guy named Tom who happens to get fired from his job as a chef on the same day that his young professional wife, Sofia, gives birth to his son. Faced with no options but one, Tom moves his family back to his wife’s hometown in Ohio to accept a job working in her father’s advertising firm where his new boss is the wheelchair bound Chip, who also happened to have a one night stand with Tom’s wife back in high school.

After a rough opening though, it becomes obvious that Chip has plenty of ulterior motives towards Tom and that he has quite the dark side.

The Good And The Bad

Being a huge fan of Braff from his role on the hit TV series ‘Scrubs’ I was excited when I first heard about this film being released into theaters but after some bad reviews, I shyed away and decided to wait until it was released on DVD and I have to wonder why.

Billed as a romantic comedy by many outlets, this film will disappoint any audience that is walking into this one expecting a sweet love story between Zach Braff and Amanda Peet with occasional laughs along the way to fill up time. This film is a comedy that will push boundaries and make you feel bad about what you’re laughing at.

On paper, this film did every single thing it could think of to turn me off and make me want to turn away from this movie. The situations were beyond outlandish and the writing really made me laugh at things that I’m really not sure that I should’ve been laughing at and really at the best of times, the story in this film was really loosely tied together with an ending that barely managed to wrap up any loose ends. With all of that, it would’ve made perfect sense for me to turn this film off and write it up but I can’t.

Led by Zach Braff as Tom and Jason Bateman as Chip, these two make this story something that you’re not afraid to laugh at and do it with absolutely no apologies. The situations grow in severity throughout the film starting with some simple pranks to Tom eventually doing something that could kill Chip… while he’s having dinner with his wife and in laws.

Possibly the most annoying fault of this film though was that while the story is quite loose in places, it could’ve been much less noticeable had this film been edited to pace a little better. At some points the pacing seems incredibly frantic and in other places it feels like it’s moving absolutely nowhere. This pacing issue persisted throughout the entire film really and left me with an odd feeling when the ending appeared on my screen leaving me with a feeling that there should’ve been more before I got there.


The extras on this release are fairly slim but there is certainly still enough to have those extra fans really to pop up with all sorts of interest. Besides a very funny blooper reel, this DVD also features 8 deleted scenes, an alternate opening (which features an odd pair of animated underwear), 3 alternate endings (including one that made my jaw drop!) and finally a quite funny blooper reel.


Walking in with low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by everything that I saw in this film. The characters were likeable and the cast really stepped up to make what could’ve been 89 minutes of prat falls and poorly paced loose story into something very funny and entertaining. This is a film that deserves an audience and so this is a great film to rent over a weekend and watch with friends or a date. This is definitely a film to be shared by those with a sense of humor that needs to be fed with something new.

Final Grade: 89% – B

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