jimmy-dore-front-cover.jpgFilmed at The Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, Jimmy Dore’s stand up special will convert more than a few new fans who may have never heard of him before. With so many people unfamiliar with his style though, all you need to know is his very first bit is about getting stoned and viewing the Christian channel. Within ten minutes he’s telling penis jokes and within fifteen he’s taking on the religious right.

Over the course of 42 minutes, Dore will target many suspects walking on the right side of the political world. Bush and his inner circle take the most heat though as Dore says himself at one point, “I voted for Bush two times because I vote for who I think is going to be funniest. I voted for Perot three times.”

In these minutes of political comedy, Dore walks a fine line by never portraying himself as an expert in politics. Instead he presents himself as a normal citizen with no more knowledge about current US politics than any other average person on the street. By taking this approach, Dore is able to tell his jokes without coming across as just trying to bash the conservatives. 

People aren’t the only targets that get put into sights of ‘Citizen Jimmy’. Among some of his other topics to pick apart are the health care industry, extra martial affairs in the White House, terrorism and the FISA bill. Dore’s comments about terrorism provide a great opinion about the over exaggeration of terrorism in this country and terrorists. Primarily when spoken repeatedly by the commander in chief.

After the first 42 minutes have completed Dore completes the portion taped just for his Comedy Central special, audiences will get even more hilarity as he returns for an eight minute encore filled with material that Comedy Central wouldn’t let him do during the taping. His encore material isn’t the strongest of the show but it still lets the audience end with a good laugh while taking in that target the sexual side of his life and how it relates to his Catholic upbringing rather than more political humor.                

When I watched this release, I wanted to get an accurate gague of how well Dore could reach different audience members so I invited two of my friends to join me. Both of them fairly conservative religious people that I could trust to give me an accurate measuring stick to put against my own opinions. What I found is that provided you’re into comedy that goes crass very quickly, this is a comedy release that will please viewers of all types. On two separate occasions during the viewing, both I and my friend choked on our snacks while trying to watch the volume because of inopportune laughs.

Dore goes a great job with keeping the pace of show quick. He will rarely pause in between the punch line and the set up for the next joke so audience members are going to have to be fast to keep up with him. Matching his everyday man style, his material is clever without going over the heads of audience members.

The DVD itself is decidedly ordinary in its appearance and presentation. The menu screen features the basic options against a white background while clips from the show play in the background. There are no extra features attached to this release as well.

Naturally not everyone is going to enjoy the style of Dore. His comedy is crass and filled with language not suitable for everyone. Beyond that though, the jokes and material found on this volume make this a must see for comedy fans. With a great special like this, one can only hope that we can expect to see much more from this seasoned yet uncommonly known veteran of the comedy stage.

Final Grade: A-

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