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A little bit of what you’d expect mixed with a few very pleasant surprises leads to a great viewing experience.

The Story

In this story, Felicity Huffman plays a stressed out woman who has lost every sense of control over her teenager daughter, Rachel. Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) is brought from her home in San Francisco to her mother’s home growing up back in Idaho to spend the summer with her very strict grandmother, Georgia (Jane Fonda), despite her less than pleasant memories of the home from her own childhood. The summer ends up being a life changing experience for all three women though when a secret comes out that threatens to either tear the whole family apart or heal a divide between mothers and daughters.

The Good And The Bad

I need to open this review with a little known secret that needs to be exposed… I am a male, and I enjoy chick flicks! Yes, I know! Judge not my character by one secret revealed! Now then, I had heard about this film for months now because of a stint I pulled as a celebrity gossip reporter and so I knew about all sorts of issues that were going on with this film backstage. This led me to walk into this film with a drastically low expectation on the story that I was going to see.

In terms of story and writing, this film does an absolutely astonishing job of getting across its story and lessons. The story tells a great tale and the drama is really broken up with some great one liners to keep the audience reminded that this is a fun experience and with characters like these it’s hard for it not to be.

When I first applied to review this one, I will say that right away it had one huge plus for it and one huge negative for it right away that I was going to have to get around. The plus that this film had going for it was casting Felicity Huffman has one of the lead actresses. I’ve been a fan of Huffman’s since her stint on the short lived series “Sports Night” and this woman is finally stepping up into roles that are really making people notice just how good she really is. Huffman has been a brilliant actress in the past and in this film she brings out a warmth to her character that makes you feel for her at all times.

The negative, as you may have guessed, was Lohan. I’ve never been a fan of Lohan. The performance that she gave in this film however was absolutely stellar and at one time may have converted me into a real fan of hers. For now though, we’re going to leave it at she really worked her way into this role. I’m not going to be that mean critic that makes the joke ‘Lohan as a rebellious teen? Gee, what a stretch.’ Because I’m not that guy… I’ll admit I was tempted though.

I think that the biggest fault of this film though is in its pacing. The film is a solid 213 minutes but it never feels like that long at all. The film moves along so quickly though that it really feels like it’s easy to miss something along the way. The place where I really noticed this most though was with Rachel who started the film as one of the most unlikeable characters to ever grace a large or small screen. Naturally she grew more likeable as the film progressed but it was really fast and it felt like there could’ve been some more scenes of Rachel rebelling against the new strict rules that she was having to follow before she finally bent to the will of Georgia.


There really weren’t too many extras on this release but the ones that are there are worth seeing at least starting with a commentary from the director Gerry Marshall. Deleted scenes that include three alternate endings (including one that really would’ve changed the whole ending) and a gag reel which are always worth watching and then a few features that take you behind the scenes with the leading ladies and the director all talk about the film and their characters.


Gerry Marshall really did a great job of pulling these performances out of these leading ladies. This is a film that didn’t get nearly as much positive publicity that it should’ve gotten and so it was largely passed on by many but this is a film that I really think an audience can enjoy. If you’re a fan of chick flicks, you’re gonna really enjoy this fest of tears and laughs and genuine concern for the characters. Definitely something to add to your collection for repeat viewings.

Final Grade: 91% – A

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