In his debut special, Drew Hastings stands out to make his mark… in Ohio.


In the debut special from Drew Hastings, very little is held sacred. Early in the show he indicates the glasses he’s wearing ‘These, of course, are my Al Sharpton frames; big, black, you can see right through them.” From there Hastings weaves a menagerie of subjects into his set including a trip to a southern Missouri animal park gone array, a health scare with his heart, what having a girlfriend 20 years his junior does to his sex life and we’re still only twenty minutes into his show.  Topics for the last 43 minutes range from the bizarre ex girlfriend with the twisted fetish to the surreal experience Hastings had when he decided to move from the city to owning his own farm in Ohio.

Good and the Bad

Don’t let the soft flute music in the beginning fool you or lull you into a false sense of security. Filmed at the Valentine Theater in Toledo, Ohio; Hastings plays to a sold out crowd in his debut comedy special which got its television debut in late April on Comedy Central. From minute one, Hastings pulls absolutely no punches with his jokes and sets the tone very quickly. A topical comic he isn’t, the jokes that Hastings tells are definitely closer to home.

In his self deprecating comedy, Hastings manages to blend his occasional jabs at everyone in his life. From there it expands with a strong balance of the short comings he’s found in his own life with a couple of shots taken at audience members for good measure. While not everyone is going to be able to relate to the humor, the material in this performance manages to cross the multi generational gap. Late in the show, Hastings has quite a few observations about some of the comparisons between being young and old.

He’s witty and very funny but the issue is that his material really fails to leave a lasting impression. When I viewed this release the first time, I laughed very hard at his jokes and stories. When I sat back later in the night to write my review though, I found myself drawing a blank on what I could possibly mention. Then the next day as I went about my daily life, I never really felt the need to tell anyone about the comedian that I had seen the night before.

This may not play into his favor but it does increase the repeat viewing level of this DVD. Going back over his set, there is bound to be something you missed the first time around. While the jokes that you did catch the first time around might not have the same impact that they did the first time, the ones that you missed will definitely stick out and remind you what was funny in the first place.




Obviously Hastings isn’t going to appeal to everyone out there. His comedy goes to some very odd places but his punch lines always hit hard. His surrealist humor and stories about Ohio farm life make for great viewing. It may not leave you chuckling to yourself days later but for a weekend comedy night with friends, this may be a very worthwhile pick.

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