The kidnapping of the three year old Anant son of the CEO of Adobe ( India) in Delhi has shocked the residents of Delhi in particular and others elsewhere in India. The Boy was waiting for the school bus with his servant maid when two persons on motorcycle forcibly picked up the boy and fled away.

It is stated that the bike riders wore helmets and the number plates had been masked.

It is not clear at this time whether the kidnapping was the work of ordinary criminals with or without the help of insiders. The possibility of this being a handiwork of terrorists to attract attention of the IT centric population cannot be ruled out.

While software companies are considered as “Soft targets” for any terrorist work, one can say that children of high profile industrialists are even softer targets.

It is unfortunate that India has to live under the shadow of terrorist threats wherever they go..and now even at their homes.

I hope that at least now, the ruling Congress party which is soft on terrorists, soft on Muslims in general who are the promoters of terrorist activities in India learns that it is their inability to manage the country under terrorist threat that has lead to this situation.

I wish that instead of an Italian lady leading the ruling party, an Isreli  could have been calling shots.

Update: Early today (14th November 2006), Mr Naresh Gupta, father of the kidnapped child returned to Delhi from his foreign trip. It is also learnt that a ransom call has been recieved by the family indicating that this may be the work of a ransom team and not a terrorist act.


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