I have to admit that I got a good chuckle out of an article published by PCmag

It states that Adobe call their version of Flash a work in progress. I to hope that they put more well fed Hamsters in the wheel than they have on other platforms. Flash on Linux is about as reliable as Lucas Electronics were on 70’s British motor cars.

My wife just asked what I was finding so funny, I told her, and she said:

Oh yes I know all about Adobe Flash, the games I play use it, and it crashes all the time.

My wife is a Redmond, Washington fan, Windows is the only environment she is happy with. Her latest computer is running Windows 7, but Flash is about as reliable as… oops I already said that.

So the way I see it is that Flash doesn’t work a damn on Windows, it certainly does not work with Linux (Ubuntu), and now they are going to play with Google’s new child Chrome OS.

I am not a fan of Apple, and I am happy to report that I have no iAnythings. I have nothing against the company, everyone I talk to extols the virtues. I just don’t like closed devices. I do however have to agree with Apple, Flash is crap.

In some ways it is strange that Abobe would produce such a nasty product. They generally produce high quality stuff, their PDF related software is a world wide standard. I can think of very few occasions where I have had any problems. Flash on the other hand is just a walking disaster zone.

In fact when I went to the pcmag article, this was the result:


Simon Barrett

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