As a mother and grandmother myself I find this really hard to write but for the sake of a missing child I am doing it. Little Adji Desir started his day out on January 10, 2009 just like any other Saturday. He was at his grandmother’s home, and he was able to play outside with his friends. The one thing I know he didn’t expect, nor did his family was that he would disappear and no one in his family would see or hear from him again, at least not for a year so far. Tomorrow, January 10, 2010 will make a year that little Adji has been gone. No word, no sign and no news whatsoever about this little now 7 year old boy.

Now Adji’s mother, Marie Neida and his step-father Antal Elant sit by patiently waiting on any word from the police department telling them they have found Adji. They proudly have his smiling face in a picture hanging in there home in Immokalee Fla. as they grieve for this child.

About 300 officers searched the area with ATV’s, bloodhounds and boats only to come up with nothing, not even a trace of the child. Adji’s mother was pregnant when he disappeared so the stress on her has been rough. She did deliver a baby girl that she named Adjiani in honor of her missing brother.

The neighborhood where Adji went missing at in Farm Worker’s Village have mostly all become more aware of the dangers it is to leave their children out alone now.

Oralia Mendez says she doesn’t let her 7 year old play outside anymore saying it is different now. She says she is afraid he could be snatched too

Roberta Pena says over the past year the parents in their community have stepped up their vigilance. “Parents are more cautious,” said Pena as she had just returned from walking her 8 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter to school. “It’s scary because a car could stop, take a child and be gone before you realized which car took your kid,” Pena said.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ken Becker said his agency and FBI agents continue to follow-up on any tips they receive as to the boy’s whereabouts. Once Adji was featured on America’s Most Wanted in January, February and again on December 5 and then in People’s magazine’s “Vanished Without a Trace: Heartbreak & Hope” in November, and also with the help of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as they sent Adji’s picture out on direct mailing advertising fliers, officials received 40 to 50 more tips but unfortunately none led them any closer to finding Adji.

Becker still believes that one day a tip will come in that will lead them to Adji. “We need people to come forward and let those facts be known,” said Becker. “I have to believe someone in the community knows something.”

All children are special but little Adji seems to have touched my heart. He is described as 3 ft tall and he weighed about 45 lbs when he disappeared. He has black hair and brown eyes. Adji is also developmentally disabled and only functions at the level of a 2 year old. He can only speak about 5 words in English. He understands Creole but he can’t speak it. He does know his name though when it is called out.

I don’t want this missing child case to go cold. I want to see him found. By keeping his name out here as well as the others we have been reporting on that are still missing which are Haleigh Cummings, Hassani Campbell, Masaraha Ross (who remains missing with her Mom) and Marc Anthony Bookal we are hoping it will help find them so they can be returned safely home. Please continue your prayers for them and their family’s. Let’s not forget the ones that have been murdered also. We need to pray for their family’s as well.

I plan to light a candle and burn it tomorrow in memory of little Adji. He shouldn’t be forgotten.

God Bless you all for caring!      🙂

Jan Barrett

As a favor to our readers I am posting these web sites. Please consider signing these petitions. Something has got to be done to protect the future of the world which is our children:

Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.

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