Immokalee, Florida- Its been so long for Adji he has been missing for what seems an eternity. He disappeared from his grandmothers front yard on January 10, 2009 at around 5:15pm. He went outside to play with some friends and vanished just fifteen minutes or so later. Never to be seen again. Poor Adji his nickname is Ji Ji . Just adorable.

I don’t know anything about Adji only that he is so precious and adorable to of  vanished into thin air. I haven’t heard anything regarding him on the tv or internet. Its very sad to me he is now in the ranks with the others of America’s forgotten lost children. Adji is a special needs child, he is six years old but has the mental capacity of a two year old. He doesn’t talk so well either he has a communication disorder.

Poor Adji so young and vulnerable out there somewhere alone most likely scared. I hope he is alive, somewhere his family is so distraught and grieved with pain. You can see it on their faces. His grandmother’s face brings tears to my eyes each time I see her picture. They don’t come from grand means or high living, they toil day in and day out to survive in this world. Adji’s disappearance only hurts them worse. Their pain is evident their sadness is deep within. It is deep within me also. I don’t report on Adji as much simply because there is nothing on him new or old.

There was a report of a psychic lending a hand to find him. I don’t  know what ever came of that search I know Adji is still missing. His family says that they are doing so so in their day to day lives and they don’t sleep well. Media attention dropped Adji like a bad habit not to long after he disappeared. I don’t think its fair to be honest. Caylee got more attention in the time she was missing then found dead than any child I have ever seen in my life. Adji is still out there missing yet he gets no media coverage. To me thats a huge lack in judgment to this day Caylee still gets more coverage then any missing kid. Even in death she is talked about and reported on more then Adji or Haleigh or any other child missing.

Its ridiculous to me that this is going on in our media. Adji is still missing he could very well be alive somewhere. Yet no one wants to give him the time of day or the attention that may bring him home. I would like to know why he doesn’t receive the attention that Caylee did or does. I would like to know why. Is it because his family isn’t from grand means in life. Is it because he isn’t white? I know thats a heavy question but its valid. Why isn’t Adji covered like Caylee or Haleigh in the beginning of her disappearance? I intend to dig up that dirt, find out why Adji was left out to dry by the media. Forgotten and abandoned. Its not right at all not by a long shot.

Adji Desir is a six year old African American, he has black hair and brown eyes. He weighs forty five pounds and is three feet tall. He is mentally handicapped, he has the mind of a two year old and has a communication disorder. He was last seen wearing a blue and yellow shirt with blue and yellow shorts. He was wearing black and gray sneakers. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Adji please contact Collier County Sheriffs at (Florida) 1-239-793-9300 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST).

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